Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back from the dead...

Well...I knew this would happen if I started a blog...I would start, then after some time, abandon it. But I'm BACK!!! The spring/summer time seems like there is always better things to blog about anyways.

First thing's first: Spence's birthday

With the help of my parents, Spence got new camping sleeping pads for his birthday. And about a month ago we bought a 4 man tent, so naturally we knew we wanted to go camping to celebrate Spence's birthday. We found a cute little campground along the Snake River called Wolf Flats, about 40 minutes out of Rexburg. It was perfect for a little over-nighter. Plus, we got to see and plan out where we're going to camp and raft during Memorial Day weekend with friends. It's gonna be AWESOME! Can't wait to blog about that when the time comes. 

On Sunday, I baked a birthday cake for Spence. I found an awesome recipe from the Pioneer Woman off the Food Network for "Big Chocolate Birthday Cake". Sounds good right? Well...I don't know why I didn't pay attention to the "Big" part of the recipe because this cake was HUGE when it was all put together. As I was baking it, I was realizing how much cake it was, but I was still in denial. When it was all done, Spence came into the kitchen and started laughing his head off. Of course I joined in and we were laughing our heads off because of how massive it was. We ate about 1/20 of it and the rest went with me to work where it was devoured in about 5 minutes.
We had a great weekend.

Second thing: So excited for my new swim suit! :)