Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back from the dead...

Well...I knew this would happen if I started a blog...I would start, then after some time, abandon it. But I'm BACK!!! The spring/summer time seems like there is always better things to blog about anyways.

First thing's first: Spence's birthday

With the help of my parents, Spence got new camping sleeping pads for his birthday. And about a month ago we bought a 4 man tent, so naturally we knew we wanted to go camping to celebrate Spence's birthday. We found a cute little campground along the Snake River called Wolf Flats, about 40 minutes out of Rexburg. It was perfect for a little over-nighter. Plus, we got to see and plan out where we're going to camp and raft during Memorial Day weekend with friends. It's gonna be AWESOME! Can't wait to blog about that when the time comes. 

On Sunday, I baked a birthday cake for Spence. I found an awesome recipe from the Pioneer Woman off the Food Network for "Big Chocolate Birthday Cake". Sounds good right? Well...I don't know why I didn't pay attention to the "Big" part of the recipe because this cake was HUGE when it was all put together. As I was baking it, I was realizing how much cake it was, but I was still in denial. When it was all done, Spence came into the kitchen and started laughing his head off. Of course I joined in and we were laughing our heads off because of how massive it was. We ate about 1/20 of it and the rest went with me to work where it was devoured in about 5 minutes.
We had a great weekend.

Second thing: So excited for my new swim suit! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

These guys are just plain COOL!

Spence showed me this AWESOME video of the Piano Guys.

Why are they SO COOL??? And why can't I be as cool as the African singing? Africans are always such cool people!

My favorite part is at the beginning (about 45 seconds into the video) when Alex Boye (the African) flips his tuxedo jacket back. Seriously...how did he think of such a simple but COOL move!

This song just makes Spence and I happy and we sing it all around the apartment pretending to be just as cool.


Peponi (Paradise)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Schools back in session!

The senior year of my college career started a week and a half ago and this is how I feel about it............


Wow, I am gonna be BUSY this semester!

Here's the line up folks:

Health Communications
Family Studies (for my minor)
Health and Fitness Appraisal and Prescription
Health Promotion Methods
Old Testament

The classes I am fearful of:

Kinesiology: That class people put off because they are dreading to take it. Yup, that's exactly what I did. For all of you who are wondering what the heck Kinesiology is, it's basically the study of movement in the body. So, it is SUPER interesting, but very complicated and requires a TON of studying. Most people struggle to pass with a C-. Oh boy!

Health and Fitness Appraisal and Prescription: I have to learn all the different health and fitness screening tests, pass them off and volunteer at our school's fitness wellness center once a week testing students. You wanna know the one I'm most afraid of? The upper body strength test. Ya that's right, I have to take the students down to the gym and see where they max out on the bench press. So picture this: A big muscular guy comes in needing to go through the fitness screenings. I go through the skin fold test no problem, I go through the resting heart rate and blood pressure tests no problem, I go through the max heart rate running test no problem, the push up and sit up tests...no big deal. Then it comes to the upper body strength test...I take him down to the gym, ask him what he thinks his max weight is. I put the weights on the bench press then say ok, I'm going to spot you...YA RIGHT! How is my little body suppose to spot this big guy when he can max out at 170???? So I tell him to wait there while I find a kind enough guy to stop his workout to help me out spotting my responsibility. Oh boy, it's gonna be great!
On top of working at the wellness center I'm required to have a client to take through an 8 week personal health and fitness program. I'm not afraid of how hard this class is going to be, I am just afraid at all the hours it requires outside of class. At least I will get in shape along with my client.

I better buckle in and hang on for the ride this semester! 

Classes that await me for next semester:

Exercise Physiology
Health Research Methods
Nutrition in the Life Cycle
Health Behavior Theories

I can't wait to graduate! I'm ready to conquer these tough senior classes!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The RidicuList

Spence often watches Anderson Cooper's 360 show on the news and during his show at the end he gives the RidicuList of the day. It is basically ridiculous things people say and do.

Many of my family and friends have asked what my full time job has entailed this fall. First I'll describe my job:

I am an employee at Artco here in Rexburg. Artco is paper and stationery company. Artco has contracts with many other companies who have websites and catalogs selling cards, announcements, invitations, and many other products. Artco prints and carries all of their products. I work in their call center above the production lines representing two companies.

One - The National Wildlife Federation.
Two - Pear Tree Greetings.

The National Wildlife Federation puts out catalogs selling Christmas cards, ornaments and lots of other products where 85% of the money goes towards the wildlife. These customers I deal with are nature lovin', tree huggin', granola eatin' type people, who are mostly over the age of 65.

Pear Tree Greetings has a website selling TONS of different cards to choose from where you can personalize them and add photos. These customers are mostly wives and mothers getting their Christmas cards ready to send out to relatives. Usually around the age of 30 and 40. There is one important thing you need to know about Pear Tree. It is an online order only, which means the customers have to place the orders online, we can't create orders for them, we're only there for customer service problems. There are two different boxes they have to check before they can submit their orders stating that the cards will print EXACTLY how they appear on the screen. But, they just seem to want to blame someone else for those mistakes made on their card. Which becomes me! Hooray!

I work full time taking orders, dealing with customer service problems, and assisting people in any other way.

But, this job is no walk in the park. From 8am to 5pm I am talking constantly (besides my break) with people on the phone. While most of the calls are pleasant, there are certain calls that DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!!!

Now, you may  be wondering why I started out talking about Anderson Coopers RidicuList. Well this is why:

I have made my own RidicuList. It is a RidicuList for my Artco job. There have been a few special people who have made it onto my RidicuList, and they will never know. Here are their famous words.

My RidicuList

1. A Pear Tree customer received her cards and the photo had the date printed on it. You know, those ghetto orange dates printed on the photos from non-digital cameras. "I assumed that you would take the photo date off the picture! I need new cards printed!"

-How could we magically take off that date when it is printed on the photo?

2. Pear Tree Greetings: "I assumed you would fix the blurry photo I added onto the Christmas card! I need new cards printed!"

-Well, the photo that you added was taken blurry!

3. Regarding a 40% internet deal for the first 1000 Pear Tree customers who ordered online on Cyber Monday. "But I would have been one of the 1st 1000 customers to get 40% off! I would have been on my computer right at 8am to order my cards! But I got busy doing something. I need the 40 percent off!"

- Um...no ma'am...you can not have the discount because you WERE NOT ONE OF THE FIRST 1000 CUSTOMERS!

4. A National Wildlife customer trying to print out her confirmation email: "My printer only printed the 1st page of the order confirmation. But there were two pages to the confirmation. What do I do?"

-Um...print the second page too. What do you want me to do? Come and press the print button for you?

5. A grumpy Pear Tree customer: "Your website is HOR-I-BLE! H-O-R-I-B-L-E. I'm WILL NOT BE ORDERING FROM YOU!"

-Well that's fine, it doesn't bother me that you're incredibly rude self won't be dealing with me. Bye!

6. A National Wildlife Customer who thought she placed an order with us over the phone, but we didn't have an order under her name: "You are stealing from me! I'm calling the police!"

-Um...ok, but I'm not sure how the police is magically going to make an order appear in our order system.

7. A National Wildlife customer who simply wanted to stop receiving the catalogs in the  mail: "Over the past 2 years I have collected 10 lbs of mail from you...TEN POUNDS! Do you know how many trees you are cutting down and do you know how many animals lives you could be saving by taking my name off the mailing list!" He goes on for a good 10 minutes lecturing me about trees and animals.

- Do you know sir that you wasted two years of your life when you could have simply called the first time you received a catalog and gotten your name removed from the mailing list?

8. A National Wildlife customer: "I need to know what your federation is doing to help the tragedy in Ohio, because obviously you haven't done enough or these animals wouldn't have died. I want you to personally do something to help these animals because you are the National Wildlife Federation." 20 minute lecture about the politicians and how they don't help animals. And all the animals are dying!

-Luckily I had watched the news the day before and heard about the man who let out all his exotic animals and then commited suicide.
-Well ma'am, I just work for the catalog. But I will let my boss know you are concerned...NOT! What am I suppose to do about these animals in Ohio???

9. A National Wildlife customer: "I was wondering if you could take away the shipping charge from my order?" Me, "No, I cannot take off the shipping charge." Her, "Well if you aren't going to do that, then I'm cancelling this order, goodbye!"

-Ya, because we are personally gonna pay for UPS to personally deliver your order to you. HOLY COW PEOPLE!"

As you can see, my job is full of characters! Some just simply feel entitled, others are clue-less. But it can be a little ridiculous. Sometimes it is hard to keep my calm, but I just have to take a deep breath and deal with these characters in a professional way. But what I really want to do is stick my hands through the phone and shake them up a little.

Well, now you know what I deal with everyday. Customer service jobs...gotta love it!!!!!

All I can say is......only 13 more days until this job is OVER!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My "belt it out in the car" song at the moment

I love the sound of Lady Antebellum. They're kinda country but not too twain-y.
When I drive to work each morning this somehow is ALWAYS on the radio station here so that
means I get to work on my vocals and sing this at the top of my lungs!

Oh the joys of driving alone in your car :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Gulliver's Travel

My family (The Gullivers) came to visit this past weekend! We had so much fun catching up and showing off our little town of Rexburg and our little apartment. My parents brought my little sister, Niki, along for her to see the BYUI campus and shop for modest prom dresses. Here's a little summary of what we did together.

Thursday we visited our cousins in Idaho Falls, ate dinner at Cafe Rio, visited Spence at his choir practice, and talked the night away.

Friday was spent shopping with my Mom and Niki. After a long long day...we were successful finding modest dresses and a LOT LOT MORE! Spence had to work all day and my Dad had a ranch inspection for one of his customers here in Idaho. When the  men came home we fixed a huge spaghetti dinner and spent the evening cheering for the BYU cougars and St. Luis cardinals because they were both playing at the same time on TV! Fun stuff!

Saturday we hiked at Grand Targhee, window shopped in Jackson Hole, visited Mormon Row and gazed at the Grand Tetons. We ended the busy day eating a delicious meal at Applebee's.

Unfortunately they had to fly out on Sunday morning, so we said our goodbyes and Spence and I spent our Sundays busy as ever after they left.

Here's some pictures showing the fun we had:

My Dad thought it would be fun to take pictures as my short legs tried to jump on this truck.

Sisters :)

The ladies

Showing off her cheer leading abilities.

Us trying to be like Niki.

Group picture!

Gotta love the Tetons! Such an awesome view!

My lovely parents.

We were a little scared after reading this sign.

The winning picture taken by my Dad.

Such a fun weekend! Thank you Dad, Mom and Niki for visiting us and making such a fun weekend!

Miss them already!