Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back from the dead...

Well...I knew this would happen if I started a blog...I would start, then after some time, abandon it. But I'm BACK!!! The spring/summer time seems like there is always better things to blog about anyways.

First thing's first: Spence's birthday

With the help of my parents, Spence got new camping sleeping pads for his birthday. And about a month ago we bought a 4 man tent, so naturally we knew we wanted to go camping to celebrate Spence's birthday. We found a cute little campground along the Snake River called Wolf Flats, about 40 minutes out of Rexburg. It was perfect for a little over-nighter. Plus, we got to see and plan out where we're going to camp and raft during Memorial Day weekend with friends. It's gonna be AWESOME! Can't wait to blog about that when the time comes. 

On Sunday, I baked a birthday cake for Spence. I found an awesome recipe from the Pioneer Woman off the Food Network for "Big Chocolate Birthday Cake". Sounds good right? Well...I don't know why I didn't pay attention to the "Big" part of the recipe because this cake was HUGE when it was all put together. As I was baking it, I was realizing how much cake it was, but I was still in denial. When it was all done, Spence came into the kitchen and started laughing his head off. Of course I joined in and we were laughing our heads off because of how massive it was. We ate about 1/20 of it and the rest went with me to work where it was devoured in about 5 minutes.
We had a great weekend.

Second thing: So excited for my new swim suit! :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

These guys are just plain COOL!

Spence showed me this AWESOME video of the Piano Guys.

Why are they SO COOL??? And why can't I be as cool as the African singing? Africans are always such cool people!

My favorite part is at the beginning (about 45 seconds into the video) when Alex Boye (the African) flips his tuxedo jacket back. Seriously...how did he think of such a simple but COOL move!

This song just makes Spence and I happy and we sing it all around the apartment pretending to be just as cool.


Peponi (Paradise)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Schools back in session!

The senior year of my college career started a week and a half ago and this is how I feel about it............


Wow, I am gonna be BUSY this semester!

Here's the line up folks:

Health Communications
Family Studies (for my minor)
Health and Fitness Appraisal and Prescription
Health Promotion Methods
Old Testament

The classes I am fearful of:

Kinesiology: That class people put off because they are dreading to take it. Yup, that's exactly what I did. For all of you who are wondering what the heck Kinesiology is, it's basically the study of movement in the body. So, it is SUPER interesting, but very complicated and requires a TON of studying. Most people struggle to pass with a C-. Oh boy!

Health and Fitness Appraisal and Prescription: I have to learn all the different health and fitness screening tests, pass them off and volunteer at our school's fitness wellness center once a week testing students. You wanna know the one I'm most afraid of? The upper body strength test. Ya that's right, I have to take the students down to the gym and see where they max out on the bench press. So picture this: A big muscular guy comes in needing to go through the fitness screenings. I go through the skin fold test no problem, I go through the resting heart rate and blood pressure tests no problem, I go through the max heart rate running test no problem, the push up and sit up tests...no big deal. Then it comes to the upper body strength test...I take him down to the gym, ask him what he thinks his max weight is. I put the weights on the bench press then say ok, I'm going to spot you...YA RIGHT! How is my little body suppose to spot this big guy when he can max out at 170???? So I tell him to wait there while I find a kind enough guy to stop his workout to help me out spotting my responsibility. Oh boy, it's gonna be great!
On top of working at the wellness center I'm required to have a client to take through an 8 week personal health and fitness program. I'm not afraid of how hard this class is going to be, I am just afraid at all the hours it requires outside of class. At least I will get in shape along with my client.

I better buckle in and hang on for the ride this semester! 

Classes that await me for next semester:

Exercise Physiology
Health Research Methods
Nutrition in the Life Cycle
Health Behavior Theories

I can't wait to graduate! I'm ready to conquer these tough senior classes!